This project looks at the non-profit organization Eat Greater Des Moines (EGDM) and its food rescue efforts. EGDM takes donations of surplus food from grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, and other locations and transports it to food pantries, non-profits, schools, housing locations, and other organizations that can distribute food to those that need it. In the project, the team used data provided by EGDM and other sources to demonstrate where food rescue currently happens, where it can be expanded, and what areas can benefit most from food rescue. The team has also built a data pipeline and dashboard that is sustainable for EGDM and will be used by the organization moving forward to support their food rescue efforts. 

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Matthew Voss 

University of Wisconsin-Madison 





Zack Johnson 

Iowa State University 




Ellie Uhrhammer 

Drake University 




Saul Varshavsky 

Drake University 





Adisak Sukul

Associate Teaching Professor, Iowa State University


Aubrey Alvarez 

Executive, Eat Greater Des Moines