Transition Aged Youth (TAY), young adults ages 18-24, encounter numerous difficulties in their transition to adulthood. The transition can be especially difficult for youths "aging out” of foster care or those exiting the juvenile detention system. Motivated by the Loudoun County Human Services Strategic Plan 2019-2024, we identify the availability of services for TAYs in five major areas: education, employment, housing, transportation, and health. This project uses geospatial mapping and interactive tress to identify intra-county variation in services provision and utilization. We also conducted cross-county analysis between Loudoun County and Fairfax County, which is inside Virginia, and Allegany County, which is outside Virginia.  

By unveiling the difference in the demographics, we identified those disproportionately served TAY.

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Yang Cheng 

Virginia Tech, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics 




JaiDa Robinson 

Virginia State University





Julie Rebstock 

Virginia Tech, Department of CMDA and Economics 




Austin Burcham 

Virginia Tech, Department of CMDA and Economics 




Kyle Jacobs 

Virginia State University, College of Agriculture 





Dr. Isabel Bradburn 

Research Director, Department of Human Development and Family Sciences, Virginia Tech 

Dr. Chanita Holmes 

Assistant Research Professor, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech


Stuart Vermaak 

Virginia Cooperative Extension, Loudoun County