In this project, we aim to understand better what makes a data source reusable to another researcher by focusing on the repository component of the data-sharing ecosystem. We have explored a list of data repositories and looked for the associated metrics that suggest reusing a data source, and analyzed factors associated with higher levels of reuse and potential impact. Our two approaches are getting API requests and HTML scraping, which helped us extract the metrics from the repositories we assigned to, and use correlation plots to analyze the impact of reusability from each metric. Overall, this study is a repository-focused complement to a larger researcher-centered effort to develop a path for accelerating community readiness in creating reusable publicly accessible data products. 

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Tiancheng Zhou 

Iowa State University, Computer Science (M.S.)





Jack Studier 

Iowa State University




Saul Varshavsky 

Drake University




Sonyta Ung

Iowa State University, Computer Science 





Dr. Adisak Sukul

Associate Teaching Professor, Iowa State University


Martin Halbert

Senior Advisory for Public Access, National Science Foundation (NSF)